Monday, September 8, 2014

New treasures in our spaces

Great old five gallon oil can. The chippy paint is perfect.

Tami loves her kitchen goodies!!  She also collects vintage kids clothes and toys.  They are always a big hit at shows. This great little kitchen farm table is typical of what we try to find.  If only it could talk.

It doesn't get any more shabby than this!! This cutie is about 40" tall and would look wonderful in a bathroom full of towels.

More kitchen goodies!

A rare piece of early 20th century history

These Technocracy Movement political posters are from a meeting hall of the 1930's are on linen and in the original frames.
The technocracy movement is a social movement which arose in the United States of America in the early 20th century. It refers to a social agenda that promotes the application of science to society and a rational form of government that provides a sustainable high standard of living for all citizens.  The technocrats proposed replacing politicians and business people with scientists and engineers who had the technical expertise to manage the economy. It was also proposed that the dollar be replaced with an energy based monetary system, one that was not easily manipulated by the banks. It is interesting to read these posters and equate them to our recent economic crisis.